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The JMC Law Group focuses primarily on residential and commercial real estate, general business and corporate law, probate and estate planning. We are a group of motivated attorneys with extensive experience in all facets of real estate law including contract review, leases, short sales, foreclosures, loan modifications, property tax exemptions, and zoning & land use. The practice includes the representation of individuals, business owners and corporations in the acquiring and selling of businesses structured as asset or stock transactions, or mergers including the drafting and negotiation of letters of intent and asset/stock purchase and sale agreements.

In addition, the JMC Law Group office includes the drafting and reviewing non-compete/non-disclosure, employment, joint venture, operating, buy/sell, service, shareholder, and stock purchase agreements, articles of deed, commercial and residential leases, leases with option to purchase and new construction contracts. We provide outstanding customer service and am extremely responsive in handling all matters. We provide outstanding legal services in cost-effective manner. We treat clients with respect and value personal and professional relationships.


There is a large benefit in using an attorney on any real estate transaction. For a nominal fee you are receiving an expert opinion on issues such as contract matters tax issues title matters in any real estate related issues. These are things that The JMC Law Group office deals with on a daily basis and we know exactly what to look forward to protect your interests in buying or selling.  

What makes The JMC Law Group different from other firms is our attention to detail and responsiveness. We understand the importance of keeping the clients and agents informed of the transaction. Service is our key to success.

Depending on the amount of time The JMC Law Group put in on a file we will charge up to a $250 cancellation fee at our discretion. Before anything is ever charged to the client do discuss same with them. 

The JMC Law Group fee for closing is typically a flat fee of $750.00 based upon the type of transaction which includes reviewing the contract, negotiating home inspection issues and attorney review modifications, working with the lender to make sure you are approved for the loan, maintaining your mortgage contingency to protect your earnest money and going to the closing with you to explain the documentation and make sure title is clear and transferred to you properly. We guarantee a prompt and professional response as you will always be called back within twenty-four hours. We will never charge anything more for your transaction. Please contact us if you have any further questions regarding our services. Thank you for your inquiry and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Industry standard provides a tax credit for the city of Chicago at 110% of the last ascertainable tax bill and in the suburbs a tax credit at 105% of the last ascertainable tax bill. In the event there is a reassessment year in the area in which the property is located we would use the county tax formula in order to properly protect our client.

A closing typically take 90 minutes or less. A JMC Law Group attorney will be there with you either remotely or in person. We will review the loan package and all closing documents in detail along with all transfer documents.

Yes, you could contact us at after closing regarding any questions that you may have in regards to the property or your loan. We are always available to talk with our clients.

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